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Coming in the Future 

 Contrary to popular belief, true "ministry" is not the work of a special class of Christian... it is to be fulfilled by the whole body. Ministry done by one, or even a few is an overwhelming burden, and no go-it-alone pastor or small set of laypeople can effectively lead a church.

pcMinister seeks to unleash the ministry skills of the whole congregation, offering believers the chance to find their place in the work of the ministry and attain the maturity God intends. Special Online video and reading courses bring insight from highly effective pastors in a variety of settings, assisting the local church leadership in encouraging and equipping the whole church for the work of ministry.

Various courses in subjects such as

  • outreach and evangelism,
  • church administration,
  • children, youth and adult ministries,
  • small group leadership and more,

will help strengthen, teach and equip believers of all maturity and ministry levels.